President, Dr. Kyle Knight, The University of Alabama in Huntsville

President-Elect, Dr. Mark A. Dugo, Mississippi Valley State University

Past-President, Dr. Ram Alagan, Alabama State University

Secretary, Dr. Kim Brackett, Auburn University at Montgomery

Treasurer, Dr. Jackie McNett, Auburn University at Montgomery

Communications Director, Dr. Sherill Morris-Francis, Mississippi Valley State University

Archivist, Dr. Thomas M. Kersen, Jackson State University

Member-at-Large (AL), Dr. Robert O. White II, Alabama State University

Member-at-Large (AL), Dr. Seela Aladuwaka, Alabama State University

Member-at-Large (MS), Dr. Andrew Tatch, Mississippi State University

Member-at-Large (MS), Mr. Ryan James Parsons, Princeton University

Alabama-Mississippi Sociological Association

Department of Criminal Justice and Sociology

Jackson State University

Jackson, MS 39217

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