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"Established in 1969, A-MSA is a community of professionals and students dedicated to building a better world through the use of sociology and other social sciences. Our goal is to facilitate the development of knowledge in an environment that celebrates the diversity of life and recognizes the necessity of incorporating multiple forms of knowledge in the development of answers to social problems. The A-MSA website, annual conference, and online journal bring people together for active learning."

— John Green, Former A-MSA President

2016 AMSA Flyer

A-MSA Annual Meeting 2016 (February 25 - 26): Call for Papers

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Dear colleagues,

I am extending all types of online submissions to January 29, 2016. I communicated over the months with various professors who were concerned that they had no students ready to present. I would encourage professors, professionals, and friends of A-MSA to consider presenting their own research. I also urge a number of faculty to consider panel discussions about the status of sociology at their institutions. The theme is the state of the sociology in Alabama and Mississippi. However, presentations could be more general (e.g. social sciences and the region, United States, or internationally). The scope of such presentations could range from research, teaching, technological innovations, politicization of academia, public opinion, and public policy. It would be lovely to have submissions from people in the public and private sector who are social scientists or use social science in their jobs and other activities (e.g. state government, reporters, public planners, NGOs, etc.).

Alert any students that registered for undergraduate, graduate, or poster presentation to submit their full papers by the 29th of January for full consideration. Several students registered for the competition without submitting a full paper. The posters will be assessed during the conference.

A number of people have asked about area hotels and other amenities. That information is listed in the Fall newsletter. It should be noted, however, there is no group or A-MSA discount established. Keep in mind that governmental employees, military, and other discounts often equal whatever deal that might have been arranged by A-MSA. In other words, always ask for a discount using your faculty or student identification, military identification, AARP, etc.

Online registration makes things easier for the organization and the treasurer. Prices are as follows: Faculty: membership $20, conference registration $25, banquet $25. Students: membership $5, conference registration $5, banquet $15. Nonmembers: Conference Registration $45, Banquet $25. The online registration is via PayPal. Applicants may also use checks. There will also be on-site registration.

Our plenary speaker, Dr. Durant will be using his article "Sociology in the 21st Century: Where There Is No Vision, the People Perish" as a major reference for his presentation on February 25 during the A-MSA conference, The piece is in Sociological Spectrum, Vol. 15, Issue 1, 1995. Many of you can access the article through your library’s physical or online holdings.

We are privileged to have as our banquet speaker former Mississippi Governor Ronnie Musgrove. He will discuss the role of social science in policy formulation. You will not want to miss this event.

Please help me distribute this information by forwarding this message to your colleagues, students, and friends of A-MSA. Much of this content will be posted on the homepage of A-MSA. Furthermore, please contact me if you wish to help us in various ways with the 2016 conference.

— Thomas M. Kersen, Ph.D., A-MSA President

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